Top Tips On Building Self Esteem From Nicola Adams

I’m always on the look-out for top tips on building self esteem.

And I have discovered that these top tips are around us all of the time.

All we need to do is to look out for them.

top tips on building self esteem

Such as:-

I was listening to an interview of  the 29 year old boxer Nicola Adams this week.

She had won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and she was being interviewed.

Actually she had done more than “just” win a gold medal…  she was actually the first woman in history to win an Olympic boxing medal. (photo credit)

And it was a gold medal, no less!

And in her interview she said Read More…

Get Good Self Esteem And Hit Problems On The Head


Did you know that having a good self esteem can do a lot more than “just” making you feel good?

It can also help you deal with problems when things go wrong.

And let’s face it – things are bound to go wrong from time to time.

good self esteemBut how can having a good self esteem help you deal with problems?

Before I answer that I need to tell you about last week’s accident.


It All Started Last Weekend

Last Saturday I decided to “challenge” myself to writing a post each day during August.

But after only one day – one day mind you! – something happened that made me decide that I wouldn’t be able to Read More…

How To Build Self Esteem And Admit When You Are Wrong

Is it possible to learn how to build self esteem and be wrong at the same time?

I am asking you to read what happened to me today and then decide for yourself.

how to build self esteemIn yesterday’s post I wrote about choosing a challenge to help boost your self esteem.

And I explained how, just a couple of days previously, I had come across the Fitness Cheerleader’s August Challenge.

Janice (the cheerleader) suggested that those taking part could challenge themselves to making a blog entry each day during August.

And I thought that, even though I could see difficulties in doing this, it would be a good thing to make an attempt at doing Read More…

How To Boost Self Esteem Tip 3 – Choose Your Challenge

This how to boost self esteem Tip 3 can be as comforting, demanding, exciting and even as pleasant or unpleasant as you choose to make it.

But let’s be honest, there really is no extra benefit in making yourself do things that are unpleasant.

The only thing you could gain from doing that would be to learn how to do unpleasant things more often.

boost self esteem Tip 3No.

One of the main laws of boosting your self esteem is that it should make you feel good about yourself.

And it is much better to feel good about yourself doing things that make you feel good.

And so the self esteem Tip 3 is this:-


Read More…

How To Build Self Esteem With Nikki Holder – Olympic Hurdler

Nikkita Holder knows how to build self esteem.

Just in case you didn’t know, Nikkita Holder is a world class hurdler (successful hurdlers are often described as being superhumanly graceful athletes).

Looking at Nikkita now you wouldn’t think that she could ever have suffered from lack of self confidence.

how to build self esteemBecause, now, at just 25 years old, she is representing Canada at the 2012 London Olympics in the women’s hurdles event.

She can jump 10 hurdles over a distance of 100 metres in less than 13 seconds.

Nikkita has come an awful long way to get to where is is today. (photo credit)

And there are four keys that served to help change Nikkita from being self conscious to being self confident. But before I list out what these four keys to how to build self esteem, let’s just check Read More…

How To Boost Self Esteem Tip 2 – Live In The Real World

This how to boost self esteem Tip 2 is essential for anyone serious about feeling good about themselves.

And especially for you if you spend much time online.

how to boost self esteem Tip 2A lot of people spend time on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and many of the other social sharing sites.

In fact some people are really proud of the fact that they have collected hundreds of friends or followers.

But getting friends of this type isn’t like having “real” friends.

I know that.

It is a virtual kind of existence. (photo credit)

I mean, when I log into Facebook, or any of the other social sites,  I do realise that I am not meeting these people in reality.

My Facebook friends, people I follow on Twitter – and those who follow me – are real people for sure – but in reality they are what is known as “virtual friends”.

And I have many of these “special” friends that I have never met up with except Read More…

Boost Your Self Esteem With The Quick Start Challenge – Review

One of the most powerful ways to boost your self esteem – the way we feel about ourselves – is by taking action and achieving results.

Low self esteem is bad. It makes us feel that we can’t do things; that we can’t achieve; and it makes us reliant on others for approval and help.

But when you take action to do something – and you are successful – you automatically start to feel better about yourself and, little by little, if you repeat that process, your self esteem will continually grow and strengthen.

boost your self esteem

I noticed that this was an interesting side effect of taking part in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

In fact I have learned such a lot from doing the challenge that I wish it lasted for longer. Four weeks may be a long time but it feels that it was such a short time in reality. (photo credit)

The Quick Start Challenge is all about making a powerful start in developing an on-line presence.

Most of the people who have taken the Challenge have a focus on Internet Marketing but there are quite a few others, like myself, who want to promote other areas that make an impact upon Read More…

Free New Resource For Internet And Online Marketing – Guaranteed Results

Most people in the Quick Start Challenge are involved in internet and online marketing.

I’m not surprised they want to get the Internet Marketers Power Booster.

internet and online marketing

It seems that we each want to know how to:-

  • Get more people to visit our blogs.
  • Get more visitors to engage with what we are writing about, and
  • Get more of those engaged visitors to trust us enough to want to share/buy/ get whatever we are offering.

And for all of that to happen in the quickest possible time and with least effort. (photo credit)

Is this impossible?

If I am to believe what Dean Holland says, the answer to this question must be – No it is not impossible.

This is what Dean has said in the past-

“The achievements I have accomplished over the last 3 years have proven without doubt that Read More…

How To Build Self Confidence 3 Ways On International Self Esteem Day

Once you know how to build self confidence your whole world can change.

For the better.

You may have heard the old Chinese proverb that says:-

how to build self confidenceGive a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

In the same way, if someone could give you a measure of confidence  you would feel a great benefit, but eventually your self confidence would wear off and sooner or later you would find yourself back at the beginning again.

But if someone taught Read More…

How To Boost Self Esteem Tip 1 – Better and Better

In this, my Boost Self Esteem Tip 1, I give you a fundamental tip that is guaranteed to give your self esteem a boost.

The fact is, your mind is a wonderful thing.

boost self esteem tip 1You can use your mind to create heaven on earth.

But you can also allow it to create a hell on earth if you don’t look after it and guide it to do what you want it to do.

Actually, this tip is also part of Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge which I explained in the first week of the challenge.


Your Mind Has A Wonderful Limitation

Even though we normally think of limitations as being bad – in the case of your mind, this limitation is wonderful!

And it is wonderful because this particular limitation is that your mind can only think of one thing at a time.

Why is this a good thing? (photo credit)

Because this limitation means that it is an easy Read More…